Okay, so this thread is gonna be about minarelli kits on hobbits, I've seen people say you need a spacer and seen people say you need to deck the cases/the kit, with the malossi MHR kit I ran, the cases needed to be decked.

Now I don't have a lathe and a mill or any of that fancy stuff, so we had to get a bit ghetto.

Tools you're gonna need are:

coarse file for removing aluminum fast, it's gotta be very coarse or it will take forever and get clogged in an instant

die grinder/end grinder with carbide burrs and all that good stuff


M6 tap

sand paper


and probably a bunch of other shit I can't remember

So, start off by throwing your kit on and measuring how far the squish is off, mine was off by 3.5mm, so I had to set the caliper to 3.5mm and make a scribe all the way around the inside of the cases as a reference mark for when we grind/file it down

Basically you need to use the die grinder to take off as much metal as you can and get it close, then use the coarse file to make it flat and smooth, also, you're gonna need to re-locate the bolt that holds the cases together on the bottom, the hole gets removed when you deck the cases, you can see in the pics where the bolt is gonna go after decking it.

After you get it roughed out with the die grinder(be really careful not to remove too much metal, save the last bit for the file), go to town with the file and get it as flat as possible, remember to work off the line you scribed around the inside of the cases. Use sand paper on glass to get the finish nice after you get it decked and flat with the file.

Once you get it all decked and flat you need to drill a hole above the case alignment dowel on the bottom of the cases, this is where your new case bolt is going to fit in, you'll also need to make a hole in the cases so the bolt can actually fit in the hole you just made.

After that's done, you need to dump basically half a tube of JB weld into the cases on each side, under the clutch and under the magneto, the aluminum is too thin here to port match without the JB weld when switching to minarelli kits.

I beat the shit out of the cases where the JB weld was going with a knife and a screwdriver to make sure it stuck real good.

Also, remember to check your squish from time to time when taking it down, I accidentally took too much off and ended up having to make a thin base spacer.

Picture time: